I wrote my first song when I was ten, in response to the death of someone close to me. 

Immediately I understood the power of music; the power to express things personally but also the power to reach and unlock emotions in others. This discovery of songwriting threw me into a world of composition that sparked a desire in me to spend my life absorbed in the creation and execution of music.

Now, as a Composer, Arranger and Producer I have cherished all kinds of music and experienced that the lines separating genres are somewhat blurred. One of my favourite stories is that of when Gershwin met Alban Berg in his home in Vienna. Awestruck at Berg’s work, Gershwin sat down at the piano to play Berg some of his songs and hesitated, wondering whether his pieces were worthy of the man whose dissonant opera Wozzeck had just taken Berlin by storm. But I conclude with Berg, who simply looked at Gershwin sternly and said ‘Mr. Gershwin, music is music.’”